Philipp Abromeit’s cinematic approach to photography began while undertaking a diploma for Professional Photography. Since completing the diploma and entering into the commercial field, he worked on watching everyday situations with an inquisitive eye, which manifested itself in his current project: Observing the Observer.

Using black and white, hand printed images that display predominantly singular subjects who look upon the scene beyond them, the work aims to establish a connection between two separate dimensions. Firstly, the printed subject’s relationship with their surroundings, by extension the emotions that are captured within their disposition, and secondly the viewer’s interpretation of the scene as a whole. Working with the idea of loneliness and solitude by highlighting singular temporal moments, his work aims to spotlight the parts of daily life we may often not stop to honour.

Black and White Film Photography

His journey of photography has lead him explore the idea of film cameras. As a result, he became a black and white film photographer. Philipp Abromeit became passionate about expressing his work throughout the Gelatin Silver process.

This unique process is a classic method to make black and white prints since 1890's that is based on transferring a negative image to a light sensitive paper that requires several meticulous steps to create a high-quality photo.

Developing his work in the dark room is a crucial part of his creative process, and it's where he is able to express his vision of the world leading to an authentic quality of photos through conscientious attention to every single photo that requires a constance creative and learning process.

The dark room is the place where his art comes to life, it is where he is able to materialize the feelings which the photos captured. With ambiguity and interpretation still at large, a direction and intent is established without closing the narrative. Thanks to this, he has been showing his final results to show the world the work that he captures throughout his lens putting time, attention and effort in every single photo.